August 18, 2009

1970s comics ads: The Special Investigator Kit!

Via Daredevil #146 from 1977:

Now understand something: This is the ONLY COMPLETE Special Investigator Kit around. Accept no substitutes. Also:

  1. Do not question why one of the badges has "This is a Toy" printed on it.
  2. Don't ask who precisely the "Leading Authority" is who wrote the FREE booklet.
  3. Don't wonder what details of the leatherette case, "authentic" ID Card, and Badge Flasher aren't in common with those "used by private & special investigators everywhere."
  4. Don't ask "Is this really the 'Best Buy Around?'"
  5. Don't ponder "Can this get me into the police academy?"
  6. Don't wonder why this isn't available to residents of New York.

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