August 30, 2009

Name Five Creators and a Signature Stylization

I saw the topic while perusing the 'net for some artist information. Here's my five:

1. Sal Buscema -- Character mouths agape with spittle between the teeth:

2. George Tuska -- Cheesy and overly cartoonish side character faces:

3. Jack Kirby -- The "Kirby Krackle":

4. Gil Kane -- All-out punch knocking an opponent over backwards:

5. Dave Cockrum -- Buccaneer boots:


Mark Engblom said...

I wish I had a visual example handy, but don't forget Tuska's signature HANDS...with the fingers splayed out at crazy angles (like the points on a star) with the palm area on a flat plane (i.e. basically any shot of Iron-Man using his repulsor beam).

He also had a thing for giving males MASSIVE buck teeth. Still love the guy's stuff, though. One of great "stylists" of the Silver and Bronze Age.

David said...

Add to Sal Buscema those crazy eyes that look like ping-pong balls with tiny dots in the middle. Did that guy ever draw an iris around a pupil?