August 23, 2009

Why? I ask again, WHY??

I ran across a chuckle-inducing ad at the end of She-Hulk (vol. 1) #1 the other day while perusing some new additions to my collection. The toy company Corgi once came out with a line of ... super hero cars (vehicles), and some simply defy, well, logic.

Now take a gander at the lower left-hand corner. Why would Superman need a van?? Why would Captain Marvel need a race car?? ('Tho, admittedly, it's a lot cooler than a freakin' van!) And even if Supes did need a van, why would he advertise himself on it? Isn't that like painting some "Hey Lex Luthor! Please zap me with a red sun ray right here!" graffiti? And as for that Man of Steel flying vehi-, er, contraption, Corgi actually produced that based on an appearance of it in a real comic issue!

But what's worse are the villain vehicles. I mean advertising yourself when you're a homicidal maniac isn't exactly the pinnacle of intellectualism! Here we see the Dark Knight baddies Joker and Penguin cars:

Hey Penguin: Exactly what is the purpose of that umbrella? I mean, wouldn't that kinda obstruct the view of your getaway -- not to mention cause a substantial air drag on your getaway speed?

This sort of villain ... inanity reminds me of one of the most horrible movies I ever attempted to watch: "Super Dragon's Dynamo." This wretched Taiwanese flick featured a shady organization called the "International Criminals Group" (I.C.G.). As one of my good buddies remarked while reading its VHS box, "Huh? Doesn't that name kinda give it away?"


Paul Smith Jr. said...

I think I had that Superman van when I was a kid. As to why he needed it: shaggin' wagon?

Hube said...

Nuthin' would the 'ol Fortress of Bangitude for that, Paul! ;-)

Hube said...

nuthin' would BEAT ...

ShadowWing Tronix said...

I have the Supermobile. An odd choice for Superman (at least it made sense during it's Superfriends appearance), but otherwise it's a cool design.

As for the Jokermobile, he IS nuts.